More than 20 years experience on the transportations market

Beginning TOLLMI is associated with the year 1991, when founder Jindřich Tollinger bought first buses and trucks and took firts trips to Poland and Croatia.

In 1993 the first company with limited liability (Ltd.) was started in whose title appears TOLLMI for the first time. TOLLMI gains background in the South Bohemian village called  Hrejkovice, where reconstructs the object of the mill for this purpose.

Years 94' 95' are important as a start-up garage Hrejkovice, recruiting new drivers and car mechanics and additional buses, tractors and trucks purchase.

By 1998, the group purchased areas in Hrejkovice  in which already manage it´s business, building a large workshop necessary to operate the truck traffic and buys more tractors and semi-trailers of brands MAN and LIAZ and other buses.

Between 1999 to 2002 in the area of residence of the company is build also a MOT garage, there is a renewal of the fleet, where old cars are replaced by new tractors MAN and DAF.

In 2003, expand it´s  business of  MOT and garage, buying more trucks and trailers.

The following season in 2005, are expanding companies that operate within the Tollmi Group, since extending MOT, service undergoing renovation, diagnostic equipment is changed and tire servis starts it´s business. To the structure of the TOLLMI  is also integrated boutique Twist in Milevsko , which focuses on the sale of women's clothing from a reputable companies. Trucks are constantly renewed, which affects mainly the Czech Republic joining the European Union, this leads to restrictions on the operation of small trucks, and activity is beginning to focus on large trucks in amount of 20 pieces.

In 2006, there is a limitation of action for buses. In the next year is obtained the certificate ISO 9001: 2009 and ISO 14001: 2005, which is successfully restored by the group every single  year.

In 2008, there is over forty trucks and trailers in operation.

Between 09'a 10' is established second boutique Twist in the České  Budejovice and  farmhouse in the village Hrejkovice is bought and its reconstruction is started for the establishment of accommodation services. It is found Bulgarian subsidiary and Bulgarian drivers are  incorporated into the structure of the company.

The year 2011 is in the spirit of great changes associated with the transition to a holding structure of the group. Its part are becoming one Slovak and two Hungarian companies. The following year the reconstruction of a farmhouse is finished and opened a guest house is open. 54 tractors and trailers are already in use for continual replacement or upgrading techniques.

2013 is  significant of twenty years existence of TOLLMI brand on the market. There is a restructuring of the companies in the group and another subsidiary is opened in Bulgaria.

In 2014 TOLLMI continues in developing, working on improving services with an emphasis on the support of all their intellectual capital.

In 2015, there is a complete replacement of the vehicle fleet with new vehicles EURO6 with service contracts.



We repair all brands of cars and vans – oils, all filters, brakes, timing belts, exhausts, shock absorbers, steering parts, etc.