Extensive vehicle fleet

We run more than 30 new trucks of 4 brands. The basic of our fleet is made of standard trucks but we even run 5 trucks in a lowdeck version.

  • Scania Highline R450
  • Mercedes Benz Actros 1845 LS
  • DAF XF460 FT
  • MAN TGX LowDeck XXL
  • MAN TGX s kabinami XLX

These tractors are supplemented type trailers Tautliner - curtain sider with rear doors, with 34 pallets (with a pallet cage) and an internal height of 2.65 m  (2.85 m extension lowdeck sets with retractable roof). 7 trailers are retooled on the platforms that is specialized in transporting of  heavy or bulky cargos. Maximum weight of transported goods in all types of trailers is 25tons. We operate trailers of brand Krone, Kögel a Schwarzmüller. Our new trailers are equipped with XL certifications - reinforced front against puncture, reinforced tilt, etc.