Looking for the drivers C+E qualification.

Ten commandments

Points that must meet each of our drivers, all necessary evidence for a personal interview:

1. Driving licence C + E

2. The driver card for digital tachograph

3. Professional card

4. Certificate of medical eligibility  to drive motor vehicles C + E /see Form download/, according to § 85 a § 88 law 361/2000 BrE. As amended by Act 411/2005 BrE. Validity, drivers up to age 50  – 2years, drivers over age 50 – 1year

5. All vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation and communication system Transics with touch screen and built-in navigation. The system is connected to the dispatching. Only in case of failure of our equipment is good to have a backup system – driver´s own maps or navigation.

6. Bank Account preferably at CSOB bank  in view of the fact that  speed transactions /can be made even in Slovakia/ with international credit card - for solving financial problems abroad. Sending salaries and per diems. If you have an international credit card from another bank you have to know account number and the type of card.

7. Mobile phone and  SIM card with roaming. The driver communicates for free via telematics system Transics! Mobile phone is just backup source of communication.

8. Credit sheet has to be confirmed from previous employers and we need also previous employers contact details.

9. Statements: criminal record, driver card, the maximum age of 3 months

10. Drivers age minimum 21 years

Liability insurance when working will be arranged by company TOLLMI at the expenses of employees.